In a treks, the palce has many good things including good weather, good views of snow-capped peaks, good food and shelter and so on, Himalayas is a priority to list . And also things like the balanced combination of adventure and safety on your trek. And of course, the price tag on the trek. All these things must be practical. The good news is, with the right knowledge you are able to prepare your trek in the Himalayas going to the objective and meet your expectations as close as possible. A bit of preparation goes further!

The mountain north of Kathmandu supplies a great variety of trekking choices, all with everyday?s drive of the capital. After a great experience of the Everest region trekking Langtang Trekking in Nepal to help you explore the wonderful journey. It is well suited to a single or a fortnight itineraries, what’s lacks in superlatives, there is absolutely no 8000 m peaks in the vicinity if you don’t count shisapangma, over the border in Tibet. It makes up for in base to peak rise which can be as dramatic as anywhere. Langtang valley treks route determined as involving the Buddhist culture of the Langtang valley and Hindu culture of the Kathmandu valley.

The term trekking peak is a bit more often used when referring to Himalayan summits deemed to be inside abilities of trekking groups rather than climbing expeditions. Officially though, the term actually means degree of peak fee chargeable with the Nepalese government to create an ascent, to not the problem in the peak. I therefore use the term trekking peak loosely and talk about Alpine summits who have a marked trail to the top level and they are from the capabilities of reasonably experienced hill walkers using only standard mountain hiking gear. Under normal summer conditions you will not require a guide and the routes involve walking and possibly easy scrambling only. There are no crossings of crevassed glaciers on these routes and both will give spectacular views - weather permitting - of the Matterhorn and also the other 4000 metre peaks that surround Zermatt.

Annapurna Base Camp is regarded as the preferred trekking site for all trekkers, the combination of easy walking and majestic scenery makes all the trek to Annapurna Base Camp (4130m) typically referred to as Annapurna sanctuary, just about the most popular treks in Nepal. You can enjoy with mountain views, bamboo, deep rhododendron forests, Snike River, water falls and a mix of unparallel cultures while you venture deep into the Annapurna Himal.

If you want to take part in the easy organization and security, you can of course check out one of the numerous trekking outfitters in Nepal; they are found around Kathmandu where you can Nepalese organize your trip to every little detail. It includes public transit ride to the kick off point with the trek, the entry permit in the area and even an English speaking guide.